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TORBUGESIC (butorphanol tartrate injection) is a totally synthetic, centrally acting, narcotic agonist-antagonist analgesic with potent antitussive activity. It is a member of the phenanthrene series. The chemical name is Morphinan-3, 14-diol, 17-(cyclobutylmethyl)-, (-)-, (S- (R*,R*))-2,3-dihydroxybutanedioate (1:1) (salt). It is a white, crystalline, water soluble substance having a molecular weight of 477.55; its molecular formula is C21H29NO2•C4H6O6.


Torbugesic Injection is a clear colourless solution containing as active ingredient butorphanol as tartrate (USP) 10 mg/ml. The product also contains 0.1 mg/ml benzethonium chloride (PhEur) as an antimicrobial preservative.

As an analgesic
Torbugesic Injection is a centrally acting analgesic and may be used for the relief of moderate to severe pain in the horse. Clinical studies in the horse have shown that Torbugesic Injection alleviates abdominal pain associated with torsion, impaction, intussusception, parturition and spasmodic and tympanic colic.
As a sedative
When given after the administration of detomidine hydrochloride: Clinical studies have shown that this combination achieved a profound sedation in the horse. The degree of sedation achieved rendered horses unaffected by sound, tactile stimuli or any surrounding activity.
The sedative combination of Torbugesic Injection and detomidine hydrochloride has been successfully use for the following procedures: radiography, clipping, wound suturing, dentistry, standing castration, hoof care, rectal examination and passing a stomach tube.
Profound sedation is also achieve using Torbugesic after the administration of romifidine.

Torbugesic Indications

TORBUGESIC (butorphanol tartrate injection) is indicate for the relief of pain associate with colic in adult horses and yearlings. Clinical studies in the horse have shown that TORBUGESIC alleviates abdominal pain associated with torsion, impaction, intussusception, spasmodic and tympanic colic and postpartum pain.



Torbugesic Caution

TORBUGESIC, a potent analgesic, should be use with caution with other sedative or analgesic drugs as these are likely to produce additive effects.

There are no well-controlled studies using butorphanol in breeding horses, weanlings and foals. Therefore, the drug should not be use in these groups.

Adverse Reactions

In clinical trials in horses, the most commonly observed side effect was slight ataxia which lasted 3 to 10 minutes.

Mark ataxia was reporte in 1.5% of the 327 horses treate. Mild sedation was reported in 9% of the horses.


The recommended dosage in the horse is 0.1 mg of butorphanol per kilogram of body weight (0.05 mg/lb) by intravenous injection. This is equivalent to 5 mL of TORBUGESIC for each 1000 lbs body weight.

The dose may be repeate within 3 to 4 hours but treatment should not exceed 48 hours.

Use contents within 4 months of first puncture.

Pre-clinical model studies and clinical field trials in horses demonstrate that the analgesic effects of TORBUGESIC are seen within 15 minutes following injection and persist for about 4 hours.


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