Atp Dinamogeno Chinfield


atp dinamogeno chinfield  is the active ingredient is used for the performance deficiency in racehorses, dogs and camels.Each 100ml contains Iron (Fe) 1000mg as iron III hydroxide sucrose complex in an aqueous solution along with Folic Acid and B12 Methocarbamol injection

Atp Dinamogeno Chinfield For Sale

ACTIONS pre race boost in poor performance in horses. Iron deficiency also compromises immunity and health and also increases susceptibility to disease and infection. Anemia also reduces blood enzymes which are important for the elimination of harmful metabolites produced by muscles during racing. Atp Dinamogeno Chinfield For Sale

Trials with iron injection uses in racing horses and dogs showed that treatment consistently increased hemoglobin and other blood values under different treatment frequencies and dose schedules. The effects of the treatment as measured by improvement in hemoglobin was evident for up to three months.

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For: Horses, Dogs & Camels

Dosage and Administration: atp dinamogeno chinfield Administer by SLOW intravenous injection only. Intravenous injection uses should only be carry out by or under the supervision of, a registered veterinarian.
Foals: 10ml
Yearlings and adult horses: 20ml
Use weekly or as required. The frequency & length of treatment will depend upon the severity of the iron deficiency.
To be use by or under the supervision of a register veterinary surgeon.
Warning: In extremely rare circumstances an anaphylactic reaction may occur. Appropriate treatment for anaphylactic shock should be institute. The safety of Iron Sucrose (Compare to the active ingredient of has been reporte in a number of studies atp dinamogeno chinfield 


Presentation: 100 ml sterile multi-dose glass vial.

Storage: Store below 25C (Air Conditioning) and protect from light. Shelf life is 12 months. Use the contents of the vial within 3 months of initial broaching and discard any unused portion.


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