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The MPTS360 can be used by horses in any discipline. The MPTS360 features are the most advanced technology available to benefit all horses, whether it is intended for accelerated recovery after racing or injuries, improved performance or regeneration of the lungs or respiratory system.

equine nebulizer for sale 

MPTS360OxygenNebuliseMulti Purpose Training System is specifically designed to fit horses and camels. Mask KitMasks with an integrated mixing plenum, multi-fit seal and a mask with a built-in mixing plenum. Jet Nebulisers with 8mL and 20mL reservoirs. equine nebulizer for sale

Ultrasonic Vibrating Nebuliser with 8mL reservoir. Safety Release Strap.Premium Case.Instruction manual – please read this before using the mask kit.Quick Start guideProduct Overview- Multi-Purpose (MPTS360).The mask can be reassemble easily – parts click into place, and they cannot be assemble incorrectly.Buy MPTS360OxygenNebuliser is the world’s first Ultimate Training and Medical Delivery System for horses in all disciplines.


The MPTS360 is a complete state-of-the-art Training System that features breakthrough Dual-NebulisationTechnology through Jet Nebulisationtechnologies.Buy MPTS360OxygenNebuliser


What is MPTS?


The Multi-Purpose Training System 360 (MPTS360), is the first Ultimate Training and Delivery System in the world for horses of all disciplines.


The MPTS360 is a complete state-of-the-art Training System that features breakthrough Dual-NebulisationTechnology through Jet Nebulisationtechnologies.


OxygenTherapy and High-Altitude training simulation can also be provide by the MPTS360 through the use of additional gasses Oxygenandnitrogen. Medivet MPTS360 technology is 100% Australian-owneand patent.


HOW DOES IT WORK? Buy MPTS360OxygenNebuliser


The MPTS360 features the most advanced dual-nebulisationtechnolegend horse injection ogy  avail!able in the world today. Medivet MPTS360 nebulisers are 500% more efficient than other equine-specific nebulisers available today, according to a study conducted by Australia’s top university. When the Jet Nebuliser Technologies is selected for use, rest assure you are using the world’s most advance medical delivery technology for your horse.





Altitude Training Simulation


* Integrated mixing plenum – prevents waste of nebulised solution during exhalation.


The One-Way Inlet Vents on the Integrated Mixing Plenum will ensure that all the nebulise solution is containe in the plenum and not inhaled by animals.


Way directly above the nostrils, ensuring that all air inhaled passes through the Integrated mixing Plenum to maximize nebuliser efficiency.


* One-way Dividing Vents: separate the Integrated Mixing Chamber from the Main Mask Chamber, preventing exhaledair from mixing with nebulisedsolution.  * Multi-Fit seal – ensures that nebuliser and training features are effective over a wide range of horse or camel facial profiles.The MPTS360 will withstand repeated cleaning, therapy and training.


Multi-Purpose Trainer System (MPTS360).


o allow fast, easy change-over between almost all medication delivery mediums available on the market today.Simply insert the chosen delivery system into the plenum inlet feature.Ultrasonic NebuliserJet NebuliserMetered Dose Inhaler (MDI)MediVet Triple Delivery SystemFront ViewProduct Overview – Multi-Purpose Training System MPTS360OxygenNebulise


The MPTS360 is designe to optimize therapy throughout the respiratory cycle.


The MPTS360’sunique integrate plenum and vent system is design to work with an animal’s natural breathing cycle to maximise therapy outcomes. Breathing CycleStep 1:Vapour produced by the nebuliseris collect in the plenum. This prevents the nebulise vapour mixing with exhale air and being waste. Ground-breaking Airflow ConceptSection View of MaskProduct Overview – Multi-Purpose Training System (MPTS360)


MPTS360Therapy system Features


Multi-Purpose Trainer System (MPTS360), Product Overview, Section View of Mask Dividing VentInlet VentSection view of mask


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