BoviShot® Anth-Leg



Bovishot Anth-Leg

Bovishot Anth-Leg Preventing 2 lethal diseases
Indication– An aid for the prevention of Anthrax and Blackleg in cows at the same time
Composition- Attenuated Bacillus anthracis Attenuated Clostridium chauvoei
Features- Prevents acute febrile infectious diseases with high mortality rate caused by Bacillus anthracis and Clostridium chauvoei
Sterne strain that has been proven its efficacy globally is used
Dosage- A. Primary vaccination i) Ist vaccination Inoculate 5ml to cows older than 3 months of age intramuscularly 2) 2nd
vaccination Inoculate 5nl to cows at 4 weeks after Ist vaccination B. Booster vaccination Annually revaccinate once before every

Bovishot Anth-Leg

mosquitoes season
Packing Units- 10 doses/ bottie
BoviShot® Anth-Leg prévient 2 maladies mortelles
Indication – Une aide pour la prévention de l’anthrax et de la jambe noire chez
les vaches en meme teros
Composition – Bacillus anthracis atténué Clostridium chauvoei atténué
Caractéristiques – Prévient les maladies infectieuses fébriles aigués avec un taux de mortalité élevé causé par Bacillus anthracis et


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