legend horse injection 

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Prescriptions cannot be refunded. The prescription can be refilled if it is indicated by your doctor, for at least one year from the date of first use. After the year prescriptions have to be renewed. The prescriptions written in writing must contain the number of a veterinarian’s license as well as the number of their phone and address. Federal law limits the usage of Rx medications for use only by or upon the instruction of a licensed doctor.LEGEND4 mg and LEGEND(r)Multi-dose 20 mg are only approved for I.V. use. LEGEND2 is licensed for I.V. and I.A. use.

legend horse injection

Federal law limits this drug to use only by or upon the instruction of an accredited veterinarian. For use only in horses.Do not use in horsesintended for human consumption. legend horse injection

Legend(hyaluronate sodium) from Boehringer Ingelheim is a sterile injectablesolution use to treat inflammation in your horse’sjoint lining. Legendis pure hyaluronic acids, like the hyaluronic acid that is found in joint fluids naturally. Legendis utilized to address joint pain of the fetlock, in horses due to non-infectious synovitis resulting from the equine osteoarthritis.


Helps with the treatment of joint pain in horses.

Helps to reduce inflammation of the lining in the joint capsule.

Injectableform that can be use quickly inside the horse’s body

It requires a prescription from a doctor

Results can be seen after just one injection, but as many as three injections can be administer, usually within a week of each other.


A typical dose is 4mL intravenously once a week for a maximum of three treatments.

Make sure the injection site is clean prior to injecting

If you have trouble injectingLegend,consult your veterinarian


Drug Policy: Prescription Drug Policy:

Prescriptions are not able to be sent in North Carolina, Hawaii or Alaska currently.

Prescription drugs are only delivere upon the receipt of the original prescription of an authorize veterinarian. FarmVet will accept a written prescription in any among the following methods:

The original prescription can be sent to:

1254 Old Hillsboro Rd, Franklin,TN 37069

A licensed veterinarian can forward the Rx to 615-370-802.

The fax should originate from the vet’s office.

The safety of intra-articular LEGENDMulti Dose with benzyl Alcohol isn’t evaluate.Adequan is a glycosaminoglycan that is polysulfate. It is use in the matrix that forms part of the joint. It is also a factor in how Hyaluronic Acid (HA) levels in the joint by significantly increasing over 24 hours to up to 96 hours. Adequan is integrate directly into the cartilage and aids in the compression capabilities that the joint has. It has been prove to aid in healing and in maintaining the health of the articular cartilage.

Legendis Pure Hyaluronic Acid is use by synovial cells that form the joint capsule. Synovial cells make the fluid that bolsters the joint structure. Legendhelps the joint in general by enhancing the health of the synovial cells. Legendimproves the condition of joint fluid by reducing the release and production of inflammatory mediators. legend horse injection  It helps reduce joint inflammation as well as the resulting discomfort and stiffness.


In the past, Adequan was start with an initial dose of 5cc IM injection every four days for a period of 28 days for 7 treatments. After that, the treatment was done every month for a period of time. The current recommendation is to perform this seven “loading dose” treatments twice in a year. The rationale behind this is the fact that cumulative effects are higher when you do the two pulses, rather than performing a smaller dose on an annual basis.

Legendis is use for an intravenous injection, as in contrast to IM injection using Adequan. The 4cc IV injection is give each week for four weeks, the injection is then repeat on a monthly schedule.


Costs vary greatly in the two drugs Adequan and Legend.With both drugs it is important to consider the cost of a vet farm call along with the medication price.

An individual Adequan dose could cost from $40 if purchased in bulk, up to $100 when you include injection fees from your vet.

A single Legenddose may range between $80 if purchased in large quantities from a distributor up to $130 when purchased directly from your vet with the injection fee included.


Depending on the joint issue your horse is being affect by, Adequan, Legend,or both might be the best treatment option. Consult with your vet to decide on the most appropriate solution to treat your horse.Understand that, even though they are often refer to as if they’re “a horse a piece” however they are different and are not interchangeable.LEGEND’s safety LEGENDhas not been assess in breeding stallions, or lactating, breeding or pregnant mares.

There have been the following reactions observed after the treatment with LEGEND Injectable Solution. intravenous administration: occasional depression, lethargy and fever. Following intra-articular (LEGENDInjectableSolution — 2 mL only) use: lameness, joint effusion, joint or injectionsite swelling, and joint pain.

Humans are not recommend to use this drug. Be sure to keep this and all other medications out of the kids’ reach. Aseptic procedures must be strictly follow when administering intra-articular injection.

Keep it at or below 77deg F (25deg C). A few short excursions to temperature of 104deg F (40deg C) are allow.


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LEGEND(r)is a trademark register by Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health USA Inc. (c)2021 Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health USA Inc., Duluth, GA. All rights reserved. US-EQU-0115-2021

Important safety information

LEGEND’s safety LEGENDhas not been test for breeding stallions, or lactating or breeding mares. The following adverse reactions have been report following use of LEGENDInjectableSolution: Following intravenous use: occasional depression, lethargy, and fever. Following intra-articular (LEGENDInjectableSolution – 2 mL only) use: lameness, joint effusion, joint or injectionsite swelling, and joint pain. LEGEND4 mL as well as LEGENDMulti-Dose Inject are administer via intravenous injection only.


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