Bleedershield paste


Directions for use: Administer one tube on the back of tongue the day before a race or event. May be administered post-exercise. Post-exercise administration should occur immediately after hard exercise.


Bleedershield paste

Bleedershield paste a triple strength formula to control bleeding from Exercise Induced-Pulmonary Hemorrhage (EIPH) in race horses and other equine athletes. The active ingredients in Bleeder Shield have been scientifically-shown to help stop excessive bleeding in animals. Bleeder Shield ingredients help normalize blood flow and repair damaged blood vessels to stop hemorrhage.

Product INFORMATION & Facts


For best results: Administer one tube the day before a race event, and, if allowed, a second tube on the morning of the race or event. May be administered post-exercise. Post-exercise administration should occur immediately after hard exercise.

Precautions: For use in horses. Keep out of the reach of children.


Lung and blood vessel support for WINNING

New, natural approach can promote healty lung function.

We know that healthy lungs function is needed at the track and during training. That’s why we developed Bleedershield paste.

Bleeder Shield All-Natural Respiratory Support

Our science-based respiratory horse supplement helps promote healthy lungs and blood vessels. Any horse that is competing or undergoing strenuous exercise can benefit from Bleeder shield.

Lung and blood vessel support for WINNING

New natural approach can promote healthy blood vessels.

We know that healthy lung and blood vessels are needed for top performance at the track and during training. That is why we developed Bleeder Shield.

Bleeder ShieldAll-Natural Lung Support


The University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine investigated the effects a proprietary ingredient in Bleeder Shieldyunnan baiyao.

The veterinary team wanted to determine how this proprietary ingredient helped support blood vessels in horses.


The researchers reported that yunnan baiyao provided significant benefit to the horses. This research was incorporated into Bleeder Shield ,our triple-strength, easy-to-use pasteor powder formula for lung and blood vessel support.

The Science Behind Bleedershield paste

The University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine investigated the effects a proprietary ingredient in BleederShield,yunnan baiyao.

The veterinary team wanted to determine how this proprietary ingredient helped support blood vessels in horses.


The researchers reported that the supplement provided significant benefit to the horses. This research was incorporated into Bleedershield paste— our triple-strength, easy-to-use pasteor powder formula for lung and blood vessel support.

Clinical Research

The Science Behind Bleedershield paste

Researchers at the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine concluded that yunnan baiyao provided significant benefit to the horses. This research was incorporated into BleederShield,our triple-strength powder and easy-to-use pasteformula for lung and blood vessel support.

100% Free of Banned Substances

We want you to be 100% confident when choosing our supplements for your horses. We guarantee that your horse will never test positive using Bleedershield paste.



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