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Benefits like more lean muscle mass and less fat are especially appealing to men.

But you don’t have to be an amateur or a professional athlete to enjoy the benefits of growth hormone injections. More and more men in their forties and fifties are turning their eyes to the topic of HGH therapy for anti-aging and wellness reasons. The only difference is the dosage you need to take.

HGH protocols for bodybuilding reasons usually suggest 4-6 IU per day for 3-6 months while the common practice for anti-aging for men is prolonged cycles of 2-3 IU per day for 6+ months.

 hgh for sale

We do a more detailed review of the most popular HGH brands for sale later in the article. But briefly, Zptropin and Spectros have been widely acclaimed as one of the best HGH brands for men because of their high purity and affordable price.

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HGH for women – is it any different?

Not much. Human growth hormone isn’t a sex hormone, so it has the same functions.

However, weight loss, skin improvement, cosmetics, and anti-aging are the most common reasons  women take HGH.

Achieving those benefits requires a lower HGH dosage — about 2-3 IU per day for 6+ months.

Among HGH brands, we would suggest Norditropin as a pharma-grade HGH brand that comes in a pen form, making it easier to administer especially at lower dosages.

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Buying HGH online – Tips

Buying HGH online can be quite a task. And the thousands of Google search results for HGH for sale don’t help! Let’s discover the main things you should be aware of when buying HGH online.

Finding a company that can sell HGH injections to you.

The online HGH market operates in different jurisdictions with different regulations on HGH sales. USA-based customers cannot just order HGH from a local pharmacy as they will require a prescription. You can get a prescription through telemedicine appointments. But even then you will be forced to pay thousands of dollars per month out of pocket as insurance doesn’t cover off-label use of HGH injections for people without growth hormone deficiency.

However, there are many offers from overseas retailers with less strict regulations so you can buy HGH injections online with no paperwork at an affordable cost.

Look out for scammers

However, this market is full of scammers ready to take your hard-earned money and run away. We suggest always checking the reviews about the vendor before ordering.

Good signs are overwhelmingly positive reviews and more importantly, a history of reviews.

It’s possible to fake 100 reviews, but it’s not possible for scammers to run for years with 0 negative reviews.

An example of such a brilliant reputation is, which over the years has gained 100+ 5-star reviews on independent platforms including Trustpilot, you can check them out via the link.

High-quality and authentic HGH brands

With many fake HGH products for sale on the market, the question arises of how to get the real deal. Some HGH brands such as Zptropin, Spectros, Hutrope, and others have strong anti-counterfeiting systems with holograms and unique serial codes to ensure their authenticity.

Pharma-grade brands such as Norditropin, Genotropin, and Omnitrope don’t have them as they are intended to be sold through a pharmaceutical chain with low counterfeiting risks.

For pharma-grade brands, you need to understand the pricing and distribution logic behind the product. In Western countries – USA, Canada, and Europe – the retail price of HGH in pharmacies is very high, so HGH certified for those countries will cost at least 10-15 USD/1 IU.

While in other countries like Turkey and India due to the lower cost of living and weak currencies, the same pharma-grade brands will cost much less. So, you are much more likely to buy real HGH ordering from there.

How to use HGH injections? In-depth guide

Our partner World HGH recently wrote a great guide explaining the major aspects of growth hormone injections and their use for men, and women, weight loss, bodybuilding, anti-aging, growth hormone deficiency, HGH therapy, and other purposes.


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